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Digital commerce today provides a convenient platform to buy and sell goods and services at a quicker, affordable, and more comfortable way than an offline market. So, whether you are a new entrant or an experienced organization in the eCommerce business, this article will help you understand the essentials of developing successful mobile application solutions from the viewpoint of a proficient eCommerce mobile app development organization.

eCommerce Mobile App Development

Essential Components Of eCommerce Mobile Applications Rishabh Software develops customer-centric mobile apps which motivate smartphone users to make an easy & fast purchase and help the businesses to maximize their revenue. As part of this, the essential ecommerce mobile app features of our system panel include;

  • Customer Panel
  • Vendor Panel
  • Admin Panel
Customer Panel Vendor Panel Admin Panel
Product List & Categorization Registration/Login Login Input with Login ID & Password
Product Detailing (Image & Video gallery) Active Subscription Plan Dashboard Management
Personalized Results & Notifications Set-up & Management of Multiple Stores Manage Users (Customer/Seller)
Product Wishlist Product Comparison Tool Managing Catalogue & Orders Manage Product category/subcategory
Advanced Search Image Search Voice search Automated Inventory on sale management Manage Promotions, Rewards, Points
View Offers Payment accounting Manage Payment
Store Discovery Live Chat Import product Manage referral/invites
Loyalty Programs Discount Codes User Review
Shipment Tracking Reporting Tools
e-Gift Card Notifications & Alerts
Cart Management Instant checkout Rate Product Multiple delivery options
Return/Exchange of the product
Payment Methods: Multiple payment options Buy on EMI

Towards this, let’s discuss some of the possible challenges that are influencing mobile app development for eCommerce and how Rishabh Software helps to overcome them.

Admin Perspective

Technology Selection

Selecting the right app development platform is a challenging task. You have to decide by knowing in and out of your business, development budget, choosing a native or hybrid app, and the Android/iOS platform that your target audience uses. We guide you to choose between CMS like Magento, Drupal, among others with SAAS models for eCommerce app development, to develop a quality mobile app.


The eCommerce mobile app should be stable, secure, and guide the user through the purchase cycle without failure. An unstable app can hurt the brand reputation. We leverage the latest development tools & technology to avoid bugs, remove errors if any, and test the app extensively for a stable and reliable end product.

Omnichannel Experience

Users today expect a unified shopping experience across channels from the retailers. It is vital to adopt a seamless omnichannel approach in the e-commerce vertical. Our robust mobile apps will help you provide an integrated shopping experience to customers for generating new sales and retaining old buyers. It will you leverage the benefits of mobile app for ecommerce.


A few analytics services are available for free, which provides data of app downloads, most searched items, and more. However, such analytics services can’t give enough data inputs to future-centric organizations. We provide a winning combination of ecommerce mobile application development best practices and Business Intelligence Analytics for the app. It helps drive better business outcomes by translating data into actionable intelligence.

Multi-Vendor Solution

It’s challenging to connect multiple sellers, vendors with their potential buyers. Creating such a marketplace helps suitable product selling for various retailers and vendors. Read how we as an ecommerce solution provider helped Europe’s top-rated Hardware & Safety Equipment seller to simplify product management and streamline vendor commission process by leveraging Magento eCommerce platform to develop a multi-vendor marketplace solution.

User Perspective

Loading Speed

Google research shows that 40% of users leave a page which takes more than 4 seconds to load. Users want apps to be responsive and fast. We follow a unique approach while designing the UI and implementing other app features to build impeccable apps that support the latest OS version and faster server loading time.

App Navigation

There are a plethora of products being sold on eCommerce mobile applications. So, people seek simple and clear product navigation in any app they are using for purchase. Moreover, they want the cart and wishlist buttons to be accessed easily. Our robust solution methodology helps us to develop a native/hybrid application that delivers a seamless experience in product categorization, product search, account management, and cart visibility.

Data Security

Security issues are one of the most common threats in the technology world today. Hackers post much spam and attack web servers to access confidential data of user’s phone numbers, card details, and more. To prevent this, our developers don’t use the standard FTP for file transfer. Moreover, they regularly update the shopping cart and take regular data backups to minimize the risk of data stolen.

Checkout Process

Many eCommerce mobile applications include multiple pages for sign-in and checkout processes. It makes things annoying for users, especially when they have a short time. Our intuitive apps help customers to save their card and eWallet details to take them through faster payment gateways. Moreover, social integration in apps allows users to sign-in through their social profiles, which saves their time and efforts.


Many buyers get confused while selecting products which can match with their actual needs. eCommerce app features like integrated AR allow app users to visualize products in the environment they want to use before making a choice. Read how we used OpenCV technology to help our Europe-based massive consumer & building materials manufacturer customer, to have an image-rendering app to help customers visualize products before purchasing.

Struggling With Your App Idea?Our experienced ecommerce application development team helps develop mobile-first solutions

Apart from this, we help develop robust mobile applications with below essential features:

  1. Fast app development & easy future upgrades through Magento like platforms
  2. Integrated features like a secure dashboard, CRM, analytics, and more to meet end-user needs
  3. Seamless UX/UI for customer retention and an increase in sales
  4. Modern tools & technology like AR, chatbot, and voice search integrated for excellent user experience
  5. SEO optimized features to rank in App Store search results and boost app marketing

Mobile eCommerce Revenue, Usage & Statistics - Infographic

To Summarize Smart planning, understanding the demographics & user needs, and choosing the right eCommerce mobile app development platform & partner will prove beneficial for your business’s success. Therefore, if you have an idea in your mind and are seeking a reliable partner, then we are at your disposal. We offer high-end eCommerce app development services that will help you to amplify the customer shopping experience and put your business on the right acceleration paddle.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform: Challenges, Models and Platforms

Mobile enterprise application deployment is strategic for enterprises today. It’s rare that ‘work’ is actually carried out at a traditional desk, in a traditional office on a traditional desktop computer anymore. With the technology landscape evolving, many executives perform a range of business tasks on the most advanced device on the move.

In the earlier days of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) solutions, cost and time to market were two major barriers to entry, as price points of $1 million or more of up-front investment were required for the most basic deployments across perhaps a few hundred employees. Such a deployment could take at least six to eight months and would be hampered by technology changes in hardware and software.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

MEAP enables you to access your data on mobile devices

In addition, what was deployed was often a solution that wasn’t scalable across the company and across multiple applications. Such time, price and scale concerns often deprioritised mobile application enablement in the enterprise. Some companies began to build on their own — an approach that often created some of the same scale and silo issues.

However, over the past year and a half, a number of factors have emerged to address these key challenges and additional catalysts have pushed forward tremendous growth in MEAP where organisations have begun to embrace MEAP and move away from building their own enterprise mobile applications.

What is Mobile Enterprise Application Platform?

A mobile enterprise application platform or MEAP is a comprehensive suite of products and services that enable development of mobile applications. The term was coined in a Gartner Magic Quadrant report in 2008 when they renamed their “multi-channel access gateway market”.

What is the purpose of Enterprise mobility platform?

Mobile enterprise application platforms address the difficulties of developing mobile software by managing the diversity of devices, networks and user groups at the time of deployment and throughout the mobile solution’s lifecycle. Unlike standalone apps, a MEAP provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying mobility.

Cross-platform development considerations are one big driver behind using MEAPs. For example, a company can use a MEAP to develop the mobile application once and deploy it to a variety of mobile devices (including smart phones, tablets, notebooks and ruggedized handhelds) with no changes to the underlying business logic.

MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform)Core Benefits of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

Platform applications are best for companies that wish to deploy multiple applications on a single infrastructure, scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and available in an online and offline mode. Mobile platforms provide higher-level languages and easy development templates to simplify and speed the mobile application development timeframe, requiring less programming knowledge for mobile business application deployment.

Organisational Challenges in Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

To keep up with market demand, many big organisations have given business units the freedom to create and launch dozens or even hundreds of apps. This has enabled business units, across industries, to quickly market innovative applications and benefit from the rapid return of investment. Although there’s a major upside to the MEAP, it has put forth a few challenges mentioned below:

MEAP Challenges

  1. Maintaining the applications with bug fixes, support of new devices and OS updates along with ensuring that the content is up to date
  2. Keeping the apps up to date when backend platform, external service APIs and other integration points change
  3. Updating content from a myriad of content management systems, back office tools and admin interfaces
  4. Measuring and comparing applications equally to apply insights and learning’s from one initiative and apply for others
  5. Listening to user feedback on the app stores (or internally) and update the apps to keep users satisfied and engaged
  6. Inconsistency of branding and look & feel aspects
  7. Securing data (confidential and public), managing user authentication and trace-ability where logging is important

Achieving flexibility in working arrangements pose some enterprise problems that IT departments are now getting accustomed to: discovering & securing mobile devices (mobile device management or MDM), making sure they are provisioned with the appropriate applications (mobile application management or MAM) and ensuring the safety of sensitive content they access (mobile content management or MCM). Many of the solutions in these areas are now coalescing into enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites.

One of the biggest problems facing IT departments as they try to cater for mobile working concerns the kinds of applications they should develop and deploy. It’s a key problem because the enterprise software landscape is currently so varied, encompassing traditional off-the-shelf (mostly Windows) desktop applications, custom-written applications, native mobile apps (mostly iOS and Android), mobile web apps (increasingly HTML5) and cloud-based (SaaS) software.

For example, should CIOs and IT managers wait until native mobile, HTML5 or SaaS versions of their organisations’ key commercial desktop apps become available? And which mobile platforms should they support when mobilising their custom-written applications?

How to choose a MEAP Solution?

Once the requirements are clear there is a choice between choosing an existing platform and vendor, building one or possibly a hybrid of the two.

    1. Existing Platform

There are various vendors out there although most are also tied into a specific backend supplier. Existing solutions include SAP Mobile Platform, IBM Worklight, KonyOne and GG/DMI Open MEAP. Most of them are primarily paper products as each implementation is 80% custom development, but provide a good starting point.

    1. Creating a Custom Proprietary Platform

An alternative is to establish a standard framework based on a combination of best practice guidelines, tools and code that can be reused across the applications. Organisations such as MTV and ESPN have done this successfully over time.

  1. Hybrid Model

The third option is to use an existing platform and customise it based on the organisation’s needs. This may be an especially great alternative if there are many common platforms and processes already. This can also be leveraged to create a standard for the applications as well.

Pros & Cons of Each Model

Model Pros Cons
Existing Platforms Existing Platforms
  • Faster speed to market
  • Potentially lower cost
  • Ongoing support
  • License cost
  • Lock-in to one supplier
  • Flexibility
Custom Proprietary Platform Creating a Custom Proprietary Platform
  • Tailored to the organisations needs
  • Flexibility
  • Keeping up to speed with technology development
  • Can be costly to develop and keep up to date
Hybrid Model Hybrid Model
  • Combining the best of an existing platform and custom development
  • License costs
  • Lock-in to one supplier

Available Platforms

Vendor Description Benefits
SAP Mobile Platform (previously Syclo) SAP Mobile Platform (previously Syclo) Create and deploy mobile apps for the workforce and customers
  • Provides the greatest number of plugins and tools for SAP integration
  • Cross-platform development based on Phonegap which is the most established dev tool
IBM Worklight IBM Worklight Mobile application platform to build, run and manage mobile applications
  • Plugins and tools for other IBM platforms
  • Supports HTML5, Native and Hybrid apps
KonyOne Studio KonyOne Studio One of the first MEAP solutions which claims to be standard based and reducing coding by up to 90%
  • Segment solutions and references for all major verticals
  • Framework for cross-platform development
Antenna Software AMPChroma Antenna Software AMPChroma Mobile cloud platform that manages the mobile lifecycle from Design, Build and Integrate to Publish, Run and Manage apps
  • Open platform allowing standardized tools
  • Client technology enables “write once,” deploy on any device, any version
Kinvey Kinvey Backend as a Service solution, offering data integrations, legacy system mobilization, as well as complete app backends for developers creating apps
  • Backend as a Service reduces cost of backend development
  • Plugins for Oracle, Salesforce
GG/DMI Open MEAP GG/DMI Open MEAP Open development framework with reusable components, back-end plugins for most major platforms, content management, middleware and best practice guidelines
  • 100% based on open source
  • Using a combination of native development and web technology

IBM entered the mobile enterprise market “practically overnight” when it purchased MEAP player Worklight earlier this year. Worklight, a privately held Israel-based company, developed an open platform that speeds the delivery of mobile applications to multiple mobile devices. Financial terms were not disclosed but the deal was rumored to be around USD 50m-60m. Worklight raised roughly USD 20m in outside capital and was estimated to have 2011 revenue between USD 5m and USD 10m.

Less than two months ago, SAP-Sybase acquired California-based MEAP Syclo. Last month, Google acquired Motorola Mobility, which in turn had acquired Rhomobile, another independent California-based MEAP. Also in October, Adobe purchased a Canada-based MEAP Nitobi Software.

Next Step

Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms play an important role in providing the integration technology between corporate back-end systems and mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, notebooks and handhelds. As enterprises are under increasing pressure to deliver more applications across a wider set of platforms, MEAPs are poised to sweep in and steal market share by offering mobile application platforms more robust than those offered by traditional platforms vendors without a mobile strategy.

Rishabh Software helps organizations deploy enterprise mobile solutions. Our team of experts help in integrating & developing customised MEAP solutions along with our various other mobile app development services.

Our Enterprise Mobile services

  • Enterprise Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise Mobile Migration & Integration
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Testing
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Support & Maintenance

Want to find out more about various mobile enterprise application platforms and how it can benefit your enterprise? Then do get in touch with us to get more information on our development services.

Leverage Rishabh’s human-centric and performance focused approach to create your next dynamic and cross-platform web and mobile application.

  • 13+ Yrs. of Experience In PHP Development
  • Successfully Delivered 200+ PHP Web Applications
  • More Than 50% Certified Developers With 5+ Yrs. Experience
  • 700,000 Man-Hours Experience In PHP Web Development

Transform Your Online Business With Our Dynamic And Robust Custom PHP Application Development Services & Solutions

PHP is a popular language for web application development with more than 80% market share. It is a preferred choice for app development by global organizations like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo and even WordPress.

As a PHP development company, Rishabh Software has varied expertise in developing tailor-made PHP web and mobile application solutions for customers across the globe. With deep domain proficiency of custom PHP development, our team stays updated on the latest in technology to support the unique requirements of any modern-age venture. Our range of services covers end-to-end web engineering and application development.

PHP Website Development Differentiators of Rishabh Software

Our PHP Web Development Services Offerings:

  • Application Re-engineering And Enhancement
  • PHP Enterprise Application Development
  • Maintenance And Support
  • PHP e-Commerce Application Development
  • PHP Migration Solutions
  • Customization & Integration
  • PHP Enterprise CMS development
  • PHP Web Application Development
  • PHP RESTful Application Development
  • PHP Custom Development
  • Cloud PHP Development

Our Technology Stack:

Our Technology Stack
Want To Build A Powerful PHP Website?Rishabh Software helps create innovative, user-friendly web solutions to enhance your brand
Benefits of Choosing PHP Web Development Company

PHP web application development brings dynamism to your web applications. Businesses of today are eying to enhance the user experience by fusing the feature-rich and highly functional components. It is famous as one of the quick, efficient and dynamic web development frameworks. Our proficient and skilled PHP development team offers the ease of setting up and implement high-end solutions for businesses of any size.

At Rishabh Software, we build interactive and user-friendly business applications. With the objective of enhancing your brand value through the website, our team of skilled PHP developers utilize this open source programming language.

Our PHP web development services ensure performance and sustainability of projects with leading industry technologies. As a team, our focus is on delivering optimum quality of service across the board with critical project monitoring to ensure success for our customers.

Why Choose Our Team For PHP Website Development Services?

Flexible Approach

Flexible Approach

Tailored engagement models that meet the diverse business need for specific customer demands.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

Application of iterative approach that is incremental, adaptive and organized that ensures smooth project execution.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Delivering responsive, mobile friendly & feature rich custom PHP development solutions for your business.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

Our team of experienced developers offers in-depth knowledge of related languages to deliver high-quality results.

Hire Dedicated PHP DevelopersHire an ace PHP web app development team to take care of your project
Our PHP software development team has substantial experience of delivering highly secured, multi-user, robust, and high-performance web applications. We create cost-effective business solutions in a creative manner that allows companies to achieve their end-goals efficiently. The implementation of the latest PHP frameworks helps deliver the maximum ROI that reduces the overall development cost. Some of our critical projects with PHP include the development of Advertising Management System, Enterprise Content Management, Influencer Marketplace and more.

Leverage our prowess in customising PHP web applications for businesses across domains globally.

By partnering with us, you can expect an active and innovative engagement from our PHP application development company to develop the most relevant solutions for your project requirements. With the right combination of technology and our ability in web application development, we can help propel your business in line with your goals.

Fastispeed Software Advantages

  • Get experienced teams and achieve superior time to market & time to service record
  • Building software for enterprises since 2000
  • Consistent quality, ISO 9001 /27001 and CMMI certified processes
  • 100% clean track record in IPR and source code protection
  • Scalable infrastructure support for your growth needs
  • Flexible engagement models – fixed cost, full-time or part-time hiring, developer by hour
  • Cost leadership & superior ROI for your IT initiatives
  • In Short – “Your IT partner for sustainable growth”

Leverage our agile development approach for creating fast and scalable solutions to reinvent the online experience for your customers.

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  • 100,000 Man-Hours Experience Of Cross-Platform Development
  • Rapid And Cost Effective Delivery Of Laravel Projects
  • Customer-Centric Laravel Development And Project Methodology

Redefine Application Development By Leveraging Our Rapid, Robust And High-End Environment

Rishabh Software puts to practice an agile development methodology with Laravel-based solutions that help create applications that meet the specific user, business, industry and vertical needs. Our Laravel development experts offer unique insight that supports almost every aspect of your Laravel package development, right from consulting to strategy, and further from implementation to integration.

We are a leading Laravel application development company that houses skilled developers to deliver highly customized web application solutions while staying attuned with your business requirements. Benefit from our credible and scalable Laravel code for your next business web app.

Laravel Development Differentiators of Rishabh Software

Our Laravel Development Services Offerings:

  • Laravel Web Application Development
  • Application Re-engineering And Enhancement
  • Laravel Custom Development
  • Laravel Cloud Development
  • Maintenance And Support
  • Laravel RESTful Application Development
  • Laravel Template Design And Development
  • Laravel Extension Development
  • Laravel Migration Services
  • Laravel Customization & Integration
Why Choose Laravel for Web Application Development

At Rishabh Software, our development team helps both startups and enterprises. We offer hands-on experience with laravel development solutions with a team who are capable of developing robust solutions for your business. Our extensive knowledge spans across implementing, integrating and customization for Laravel applications across the board.

As an experienced Laravel development company, our team utilizes this PHP framework to create solutions for businesses of any size and offers them a modern toolkit to maximize their growth potential.

Our Laravel web application development services provide fluency in delivering simple code for a variety of bundles to help create robust and attractive websites for diverse verticals of industry and domains. We help businesses to achieve their underlying goals using leading solutions from the Laravel framework.

So, whether it is your business application, e-commerce store or a mobile app, our team has the required experience for developing custom Laravel solutions based on customer requirements.

Why Choose Our Team For Laravel Development?


Flexible Engagement Models

Basis your business requirements we offer cost effective and result oriented engagement models.

Full Stack

Full Stack Development Capability

As a Laravel Application Development Company we cover entire project requirement, from design to coding and testing.


Complete Manual & Automation Testing

In-line with upcoming trends, our experienced QA team ensures the appropriate testing of your application.

Timely Support

Timely Support & Maintenance

We ensure that your application stays updated, with the latest version & features by appropriate support & maintenance.

Hire Dedicated Laravel DevelopersOur team with hands-on expertise offers Laravel framework development in Laravel Elixir & Vue.js

Laravel is an excellent choice for your business because of its ability to provide consistent and high performing business solutions, much required for a growth-oriented organization. We collaborate with startups, SMBs, and enterprises to create purpose-driven web & mobile applications. Our objective is to offer your business with solutions that add value to your idea using Laravel application development. Team-up with us today, if you are looking for a leading Laravel web development company to deliver high-quality applications.

Rishabh Software leverages the power of Laravel – a well-designed framework that enables rapid development by providing quality results that helps take out the pain in the development process. As an offshore Laravel web application development company, we help organizations achieve their underlying goals by employing the Laravel framework. Our Laravel team ensures that you deliver feature-rich & robust solutions with ease of use for your customers.

Rishabh Software Advantages

  • Get experienced teams and achieve superior time to market & time to service record
  • Building software for enterprises since 2000
  • Consistent quality, ISO 9001 /27001 and CMMI certified processes
  • 100% clean track record in IPR and source code protection
  • Scalable infrastructure support for your growth needs
  • Flexible engagement models – fixed cost, full-time or part-time hiring, developer by hour
  • Cost leadership & superior ROI for your IT initiatives
  • In Short – “Your IT partner for sustainable growth”

Develop intuitive applications and dynamic websites with top-of-the-line AngularJS Development Company.

  • 4+ Yrs. Experience In Building Complex Angular JS Solutions
  • In-house, Front-End Experts: Business Analysts, Angular Specialists & Designers
  • Rapid, Cost-Effective Delivery of Projects
  • 100,000 Man-Hours Experience of Cross Platform Development

Dynamic Angular and AngularJS App Development Services Based on Expertise and Versatility

Rishabh Software offers robust and scalable, interactive web design and application development. Our knowledge of Angular as mainstream front-end technology helps deliver compelling apps for business enterprises.

We have developed proficiency in AngularJS development services. It is with creating interactive, scalable, data-driven cross-platform web applications. Whether you need a custom widget or feature-packed functional mobile application, our AngularJS mobile app development supports your varied business requirements. We brainstorm the customer requirements beforehand to deliver their needs and expectations.

Angular Development Differentiators of Rishabh Software

Our Angular Development Services Offerings:

  • Angular JS Development & Web Maintenance
  • Test Driven Development
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Backend and Dashboard Development
  • Angular Web App Development
  • Angular Mobile App Development using Ionic
  • Angular Framework Plugin Development
  • Angular Consulting & Version Migration
  • Hybrid Application Design

We are designers, developers and creatives ready for your project

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Join the millions of people using the world’s most popular CMS.

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