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eWallet Mobile App Development Essentials

With the rapid growth of online commerce and a plethora of smartphones, we are witnessing a surge in the different modes of digital payment approaches. The average customer of today cherishes the use of eWallet applications, like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo for shopping, ticket booking, paying bills, and much more. The principal reason for this wide adoption is that such eWallet solutions offer faster, secure, and reliable payment ecosystems.

e Wallet App Development

Read on as with this piece; we try to address what are the essential components for eWallet Applications. It is along with must-have features that will help increase the customer base and eventually, sales — moreover, the immense benefits of choosing a right partner for eWallet mobile app development solutions.

Industries That Leverage eWallet App Development
Beyond the banking & finance sector, the eWallet Apps benefit technology enterprises, education institutes & learning centres, industries like shopping, telecommunication, food & restaurants, travel, real estate, sports & recreation, health & fitness, media & entertainment, and many others.

As stated by the Worldpay’s Global Payments Reports of 2018, e-wallet transaction tops the e-Commerce payments with 36% of sharing, and it will grow further with 47% of sharing by 2022. Also in 2018, 16% of global POS payments were made through eWallets and by 2022, it will reach to 28%. That will make it the second most used method for Point of Sale transactions.