Search Engine Optimisation

Rank Highly on Google Throughout the UK!

SEO, or more commonly known as Search Engine Optimisation, is a continually evolving arena of tactics and strategies used by companies to rank highly on Google. It is one of the best and most effective online marketing techniques for improving reach, visibility and awareness on Google for a much lower cost compared to that of Google AdWords / Pay Per Click campaigns. Here at Psittacus Systems, we work with businesses to help promote their websites on Google in a white-hat, friendly and sustainable manner.

The tactics used to rank a website highly on Google has changed dramatically over the last decade. Historically you could get away with stuffing the same keyword thousands of times on a page to trick the search engine crawler bots into thinking your website was more relevant/pertinent to a users query. As you can imagine, this was quickly abused by many so-called ‘SEO Companies’ out there and soon Google introduced what we have today…a flurry of algorithmic systems working hand in hand with one another determining quality scores for your website.

Whether you require help on web design, content or perhaps conversion rate optimisation to improve the number of your visitors clicking on the enquiry or sign-up button, then we can help. Our team of in-house experts, no outsourcing to India what-so-ever, can help and assist with improving your websites ranking on Google throughout the UK.

Common SEO Issues

  •  Mass Stuffing of Keywords
  •  Irrelevant Title / H1 Tags
  •  Duplicated Content & Poor Grammar
  •  Missing Robots.txt File
  •  Lengthy / Complex URL Structure
  •  Quantity vs Quality Game

What Does it Cost to Get to No.1 of Google?

No-one truly knows the in’s and out’s of Google’s algorithmic systems. There are over 200 variations to each algorithm, that we know of, and there is a total of 6 algorithms focusing on different aspects of a websites quality score – design/content/links etc.

This is probably not what you want to hear, but we tend to find most small to medium-sized organisations operate well on a £550 + VAT p/m budget for localised based search phrases.

How Much Does an SEO Package Cost?

Google’s Organic Search Algorithm changes on a regular basis. In-fact over 2+ times a day to be precise, sometimes more.

Therefore, we’ve constructed the below monthly SEO packages as a guideline of prices, depending on the level of service you require.

Some of the Benefits of SEO…

There is no quick win with Search Engine Optimisation. You will need to look at SEO as a long-term marketing investment as a quick win in SEO does not occur in today’s semantic climate.

However once rankings have been achieved, you’ll notice a steady stream of sales/enquiries via our continuously developing SEO programme to help work towards your target/goals from a digital perspective. Whether that is to generate sales or sign-ups, we can help nonetheless.

  •  Find New Customers
  •  Explore New Markets
  •  Achieve Better Conversion Rates
  •  Overtake Competition
  •  Open Business 24*7
  •  Increase Traffic
  •  Higher Return on Investment
  •  94% Ignore Page 2 of Google
  •  Multiply Your Sales

Finer SEO Details

On-site optimisation is used to make your website visually appealing to both customers and Google. Psittacus Systems reviews, improves and implements various changes to enhance both the public face of your website and the coding or technical set-up which search engine bots can read.

Google’s search engine will evaluate a website differently to that of a human visitor. For example, Google’s bot can’t ‘see’ how nicely your website is designed or the true value of your product or service. See our Website Development Page for more information.

By carrying out various on-site optimisation techniques such as;

  •  Adding keywords to URLs, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions
  •  Ensuring each page has its own unique and quality content
  •  Remove or merge duplicate pages
  •  Bettering the content on competitors websites

These are some of the steps to improving your site and making it more accessible for a search engine crawler bot. However, it is possible to over-optimise which Google will see as suspicious and can lead to an algorithmic penalty. If you think you may be under a penalty, have a Fastispeed consultant contact you.

Continued Development

One of our methods for increasing your rankings is to write, update and communicate with our clients on the work we have completed and have planned for the following month. We do this through our extensive Continuous Development Reports. These reports are split into several sections including details of the SEO related work required to be completed on your site. We teach our clients the basics of SEO as we go, so when the time comes to add a new service or product, the implementation meets ours and Google’s search engine standards.

This helps our clients to become more engaged with their websites, which lots of business owners struggle with – either because it has never delivered them the results they want, or they have given up!

If you find yourself in this situation then you should re-ignite your approach to web marketing with Psittacus Systems, who will be able to deliver sustainable and continuous results.

Organic SEO

Psittacus Systems can illustrate a flurry of improvements seen across our clients. Our organic specialist SEO team have helped over 50+ businesses online achieve financial success by reducing the number of sales staff within the office to that of automating processes and improving workplace efficiency using clever reporting code. Our organic SEO principles follow closely White Hat methods, ensuring that you remain compliant with Google’s policies.

Search Engine Optimisation is continuing to see an influx of interest from businesses who have tried more commonly known methods for advertising online such as Paid Search, soon realising that this method is too expensive due to the bidding war that the Google AdWords platform operates on. It is important to recognise that this is an issue for your business as, simply, this form of advertising will only continue to become more and more expensive as time passes.

As a result of this improvement, we notice that the majority of our clients who come to us are specifically from a paid, pay per click marketing channel who are now seeking appropriate alternatives to reduce their marketing spend and work on a sustainable method of marketing online via an approach that’ll deliver quality leads/enquiries.