Business Finance

All businesses require cash flow funding to operate and expand.

Unlike a business loan, our service finance agreements do not have out-of-date credit questions that waste your time.

We offer fast business service finance on tax-efficient services finance and refinance agreements for business use. Your application will have a decision within 2 hours and we will try everything to approve your funding.

We do not offer loans or regulated consumer finance agreements of any kind.  We can only deal with businesses for unsecured finance.

Our free quotes are available to any business throughout the UK. The application process is simple and completed online in minutes. Before applying, you can even check your eligibility.

We understand opportunities may present themselves and you need to act fast. Our modern thinking approach guarantees that once approved you will have your services funds within 2-4 hours. This is not a financial cash injection into your bank account. The service finance is for the online development of your web & cloud services projects that usually requires a large capital outlay to start.

Please speak to an account manager today Call: +44 333 050 7947  or apply online. – We are open 7 days a week.

You have the flexibility to settle the finance agreements early and there are no additional penalties for doing so, you will pay exactly the same amount whether you settle the agreement early or you let the agreement run its full term.

The settlement calculation is simply all of the contractual payments that would have fallen due on the agreement added together along with any notice period with no discount and this will form the settlement figure. We suggest that clients who are considering settling early use their services surplus funds to expand their marketing presence online or a sales support using our dedicated sales and marketing teams, as settling our finance agreements early offers no saving or benefit due to the terms of settlement that follows a strict funding covenant.

Once your business has been accepted by us for funding you and any guarantors will be sent a SSL secure  URL link which will enable each of you to read a document outlining our Business Process and so that you can fully understand what we will do and what you should expect to happen very quickly and before you or any guarantors are asked to sign any documents or make any other commitment.

All officers of the applicant limited company will be required to provide their personal guarantees to support the finance agreement. If your business is not currently incorporated as a limited company you will need to register it as a limited company before we are able to offer it any finance. Sole traders are invited to apply for funding – they will need to speak to a dedicated account manager – this service is provided on the basic of a consultation first agreement.

any relatives or others who are willing to provide their personal guarantees will have to be a Director, Company Secretary and/or shareholder of the company so that we can be sure they are supporting and actively involved in your business and therefore have a benefit and incentive to provide a guarantee.

The proposed finance agreement together with any personal guarantees, and charges to be provided will be posted by us to the relevant individuals in advance of the appointment which will be arranged for our representative to visit in order to get them signed by those individuals.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the applicant and any others who are giving personal guarantees, or property charges read the documents posted to them immediately they arrive. If there are any questions or there is anything you or any guarantor does not understand then he/she should telephone our Account Manager without delay and before our representative is due to visit and have those documents signed. Any questions you or any guarantors may have MUST be dealt with by telephoning your Account Manager as the representative who attends with the documents for you to sign has NO AUTHORITY to deal with any queries or give any advice or representations on our behalf save that he will provide some relevant information from a pre prepared script and which all parties signing documents will be asked to sign acknowledging that they have been given and have understood this information.

We recommend that all individuals giving a personal guarantee and/or charge against their property should take independent legal advice before signing.. YOUR HOME AND/OR THAT OF ANY GUARANTOR MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOUR BUSINESS DOES NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON THE FINANCE AGREEMENT SECURED BY A CHARGE ON IT.

We do not fall within the ambit of the Financial Ombudsman Service nor are we regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as we only offer our asset finance and refinance agreements to corporate entities and we are a direct service funding company not a credit broker or introducing agency to other investors.


We are excited and are fully supportive of your business expansion project and will do our very best to help you and approve your funding needs very quickly. However, with all this excitement please do not feel pressured to enter in to an agreement too quickly, take your time and proceed when you are ready especially as you and your friends or relatives will be asked to sign as guarantors and secure the finance against their personal properties so they will ultimately will be liable and those properties may have to be repossessed if your business fails.

From 6 months to 5 years

Our process is extremely quick and in most cases funding can be agreed within 2 hours, meaning you do not have to wait long periods of time wait for a decision.

If you are a Start Up Business please see our Start UP page.

To be eligible for our business finance agreements your business needs to be registered as limited company or you will need to incorporate for us to consider your business for funding.

Sole Traders are invited to apply – This service is provided on a consultation first agreement – Speak to our dedicated account manager on +44 333 050 7947

Yes, you can settle the agreement early and there are no additional penalties for doing so, however, you will pay exactly the same amount if you settle the agreement early or if you let the agreement run full term.   The settlement calculation is simply, all the contractual payments that would have fallen due are added together along with any notice period with no further discount and this will form the settlement figure.

Fastispeed finance, credit and funding services cover a wide range of business services that can be used to cover a wide range of web, mobile apps, cloud markets, marketing and branding, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation and online analytics requirements for your business. From online expansion to back-end services purchases. Our Business service finance agreement can help you spread the cost of key area of service expenditure in your business. Finance terms typically range from 6 months to 5 years.

In some instances we would require no financial information from you as the information can be obtained through the credit searches we do or via companies house if you are a Ltd Company,  in other cases two months up to date business bank statements is all we require.

On a service funding finance agreement is not an APR as it is a service finance agreement. However if you add up all the payments that you are making this will tell you how much you are paying back. On a service funding agreement rates can start from as little as 1%.

You will be required to give personal and/or corporate guarantee(s) to support the Agreement with your company and you maybe asked to provide a guarantor to guarantee your businesses liabilities, in addition, dependent on agreement and amount borrowed and the credit status the lender will require a unilateral notice or Legal Charge or over your personal residential property and/or business property and/or any guarantor’s personal residence or business property. A fixed and floating charge over the assets of your company or any corporate guarantor (a “debenture”) will also be required.  You will be charge a security fee of 10% to remove the security once the agreement is finished.

Yes, on a finance service agreement all monthly payments will carry VAT at the standard rate. This is fully reclaimable in the normal way providing your business is VAT registered. On a  Service Purchase agreement the VAT is payable on the monthly payment.

If you have been trading less then 1 (one) year or are a Sole Trader Business please give our dedicated account manager a direct call +44 333 050 7947 or you can request a call back.

If you are not a sole trader we require three months business bank statements to progress your application.

Business Service Finance Customer Journey

Customer Journey 16%
Prospective customer contacts Fastispeed Finance for a business service finance in a Limited company name via our website with an online application or over telephone for sole traders.
Dedicated Account Manager 20%
Fastispeed account manager contacts the corporate customer and explains that our agreements require Personal guarantees and are secured on properties via legal charges. Our agreements are unregulated service finance agreements. We do not offer loans and we only deal with corporate business and sole traders clients NOT consumers in any way.
Document submission 40%
Account manager submits all information to the accounts underwriting department for a decision to either approve or decline the application or to request further information.
Approval pending stage 47%
Underwriting departments either gives the account manager an approval, a decline or request a guarantor to support the application. If approved there will be a list of conditions subject to the approval.
If a guarantor is required 55%
the account manager will email the client asking for a guarantors details who will also be involved in the business. The account manager will contact the guarantor to explain the requirement and gather their information and will tell them that if the customer defaults the guarantor would be liable for the full debt
Signed documents 58%
If approved, all documents required to be signed including the quote, offer and legal charge are posted to every signatories homes address for their consideration and we recommend in writing to them that they take independent legal advice. We confirm that their home may be repossessed if the customer does not pay the debt secured on it. For all unsecured funding finance, various documents and personal guarantee will need to be signed.
Independent Legal Advice 63%
If a client asks to proceed, an appointment email is sent to all signatories with a 2nd copy of all documents including the quote with all amounts payable and the settlement calculations. Fastispeed recommend in writing they take independent legal advice before signing.
The signatories 68%
The signatories are required to email fastispeed to confirm they have received the email and the copy of all documents for their consideration, that they would like to proceed with the agreement which is secured-on property or unsecured with personal guarantee they understand the terms offered. (eSignatures via our secured website customer portal)
Approval Script and emailed recorded audio file 72%
The Approval Script is read by Fastispeed finance account manager to the signatories confirming the secured-on property finance conditions or unsecured with personal guarantee, the key facts and quote and offer (all calls are recorded and a transcript of this call is forwarded to the signatories email)
Delivers all documents for inspection and storage 75%
Account′s manager delivers all documents for signing along with a company brochure to the signatories or to their solicitor and inspects all services which will be subject to the asset finance or services agreement
Appointment of signatories 79%
In the appointment the signatories consider the documents for a 3rd time and either proceed to sign them or they post them back to Fastispeed Accounts Department as and when they are ready to proceed. These are login to the client online accounts via our website
appointment all signatories (x3) 82%
In the appointment all signatories must write in their own handwriting that the representative has read out the script, not been in a rush, that they have not been unduly influenced or pressured, that they have received copy of all documents before and during the appointment and by email (3 times)
Signatories copies recorded 84%
Each signatory will receive a recorded know your customer call from the dedicated accounts manager, to ensure they understand the quote and offer, the legal charge on their property, the settlement procedure and have not been unduly influenced and if they want to activate or cancel the agreement. For all unsecured funding finance, various documents and personal guarantee will need to be signed.
Documents rigorous checking process 86%
If the clients want to proceed the documents are either posted back to Fastispeed Accounts office by the customer or their solicitor or given back to the representative. The documents go through a rigorous checking process by Fastispeed Accounts office and the solicitor before the legal charges are registered by Fastispeed or the client′s solicitors. For all unsecured funding finance, various documents and personal guarantee will need to be signed.
Compliance Recorded Call 0%
Two business days later Fastispeed accounts department make a 2nd compliance recorded call to every signatory to ensure that they still want to procced after they have had time to reflect . All facts, settlement process, security and legal charges are again confirmed. The clients are given the final option to proceed or cancel free of charge. For all unsecured funding finance, various documents and personal guarantee will need to be signed.
Client chooses to proceed 94%
If the client chooses to proceed Fastispeed accounts department pay the finance service funding cost into the client customer accounts on our website. The approved financial service cost is submitted to Fastispeed Accounts to transfer the full service cost value into the customer accounts. The Financial services are not actual cash or emoney, the total cost is for the full financial service cost for Fastispeed Services and Products that the client would have had to outlay to get the service for their company expansion objectives. The agreement then goes live and is allocated an agreement number. A direct debit is set up for the monthly payments.
Guarantors welcome pack 96%
An Fastispeed Guarantors welcome pack is sent to every guarantor on the agreement containing all the documents. This is now a 5th set of documents received. These are posted recorded delivery and logged in an internal post book
VAT payment schedule 100%
A vat schedule is posted to the company setting out the list of future scheduled payments per year of the agreement. If the client is VAT registered, they may claim this back HAPPY CUSTOMER