About Us

company is a CMMI Level-3 company that provides web, mobile, domains, data centres and cloud development services, business process services and engineering services. With our offices across UK (Birmingham, London), Canada (Toronto)  and USA (New York), we help our global clients with high quality and well-executed application development, BPO and Engineering services.

Our Vision – is to profoundly alter the online market in the direction of business-rewarding autonomous enterprises. We do that by helping our customers —giving them the tools, insights and the people to transform their ideas and creativity into success, however they measure it.


Agile Software Project Management

Our past experience has taught us one thing well. The success of any project comes down to good project management, something you will find with all your projects at Fastispeed. Using refined methodologies since our inception, our experts have developed insight and understanding into the art and science of project management. The result – over 97% projects are completed in time and within budget, a rare feat amongst software companies.

Making your business more fun…dable

So you’re a small business owner and have decided you need funding to help your business grow their online business presence. The good news is that small firms no longer only have the option of going to their bank!  It may come as a surprise but almost one in five British SME businesses (18%) have no idea what criteria will help them secure funding from a lender*. Perhaps SMEs have been conditioned by the traditional lending criteria of high street banks and are unaware of the other options that exist

  • Dream big – but reality check how much funding you can apply for: The single biggest mistake businesses make is that they ask for too much funding and get turned down because they can’t afford it! Be realistic about how much you can apply for – typically 20-25% of your annual revenues is what finance providers feel comfortable with for unsecured lending. Also think about how much the monthly repayments will be and whether your business can afford the additional expense
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to look for funding – you have more options if you start early: The second biggest mistake is that business owners keep putting it off to line up funding until they actual need the money. The earlier you start looking for funding the more options you will have.
  • Fastispeed Funding for Web, Mobile, Cloud services, Data-centres services and online IT development are all done in-house and we are ready to assist you.

It’s more than just Funding and Financing projects

Fastispeed and its Partners are Microsoft Certified Gold Partner is a specialist in building custom enterprise solutions using Microsoft Technologies. Based in UK, Fastispeed Software offers software development and testing services for building and deploying Windows applications, Web-based applications, Web services and integration, Workflow applications, E-commerce frameworks and Mixed-mode applications (pre .NET and .NET technologies, .NET with third-party components). Microsoft Gold Partner Our Microsoft capability has helped many companies address business challenges like exponential data growth, critical performance requirements and high usability expectations. We develop applications based on the Microsoft .NET framework which are scalable, intuitive and can easily integrate with other third party solutions. Having successfully delivered 1000+ projects, we believe that we can execute and deploy enterprise class projects to the large community of users with our proven track record and expertise in functional, technical and managerial.

We connect people