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  • £10 million available funding for UK Business

    91% of our customers would come to us first for funding over a bank.

  • Start-Up Funding

    Funding your new business is easy – Call Hotline: +44 333 050 7947

    Our specialist team have helped finance SME’s throughout of new businesses, we deal with start-ups and new trade every week.

    Most lenders are not prepared to offer a start-up service finance to new companies and require you to jump through unrealistic hoops, using outdated processes with impossible hurdles in your way.

    We want to fund your new business. We look at the likely success of your business, the people behind it and their experience, we want to approve your funding.

    This is what makes Fastispeed Finance so unusual. All proposals are considered by people and not machines.  Every situation and proposal is different and this is where our specialist team come into their own.

    Unlike a business loan, our funding finance agreements do NOT have out-of-date credit questions that waste your time.

Service Loan Interest Total Loan 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
£5000.00 19.99%£5,999.50£499.96 £249.96 £166.65£124.99£99.99
£10,000.00 19.99%£11,999.00 £999.92 £445.83 £333.31£249.98£199.98