Microsoft SharePoint Helpdesk System to Streamline Ticketing Process

Microsoft SharePoint Helpdesk System to Streamline Ticketing Process

Streamline your help-desk processes by exploring the core elements of Microsoft Software’s SharePoint based ticketing system

A help desk ticketing system helps address customer challenges in an accurate, and well-organised manner. Therefore, it is vital for organisations to develop an efficient help desk & ticketing platform that fulfils the specific company requirements; also, it ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction and long-term business profitability.

SharePoint has emerged as an excellent solution to build a full-fledged help desk system. At Fastispeed Software, we focus on integrating SharePoint based ticketing system capabilities for a variety of businesses. Our solutions help them to track, respond to customer requests in an organised manner.

Through this article, you will be able to discover how SharePoint help desk solution by Fastispeed Software can benefit your business.

Why is SharePoint Recommended for Help Desk Solution?

SharePoint is an excellent solution to streamline & automate the company’s internal operations. It has all the capabilities to offer a productive ticketing system.

Core Modules of Help Desk System Using SharePoint

Admin Module Employee Module Ticketing Module Automation Reporting Support Widget
Login Register/Login Create/Manage tickets Automatic ticket routing Full-fledged reporting with Excel, PowerBI, and other tools Application defect tracking
Customer/Employee support Knowledge base Public/Private communication Automatic notifications Customer analysis Email-support
Advanced dashboard Customer/Employee support Ticket history Workflow automation Employee performance Web support widget
Manage forms & policies Create sub-tasks Advanced search Microsoft Flow integration Organisation chart Custom help desk
Customise features & modules Manage tickets Manage tags & categories SharePoint workflow integration
Schedule appointments Manage notifications
Access company’s asset information
Add/Manage attachments

While there exist a variety of help desk ticket systems, let’s discuss some of the limitations of the conventional platforms and how we help overcome them using the Sharepoint platform:

  1. Tracking Updates
    It is challenging to keep up with updates and progress of a ticket request. To overcome this issue, our team makes deep customisation in the SharePoint ticketing solution with Office 365. It allows generating automated notifications for ticket creation, management, and replies. Users can formulate automatic responses to basic customer requests.
  2. Synchronisation across Departments
    Our robust ticketing solution assists in synchronising the functionality across departments, including HR, IT support Administration, and more in an efficient manner. A shared interface with integrated workflow reduces turnaround time and costs.
  3. Reporting
    To get valuable insights into business operations and market trends is the core of any business success. Microsoft Forms provide necessary reporting capabilities. However, they cannot generate real-time reporting with all the valuable data. Our team integrates SharePoint ticketing system with a top-quality analytics tool like PowerBI. It provides a cost-effective solution to establish a data-driven culture in any organisation.
Discover how we helped a US-based financial services company to synchronise business processes in multiple departments through a SharePoint help desk solution.
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Why Choose Fastispeed Software For Helpdesk Ticket System?

We deliver robust, efficient, and useful SharePoint based ticketing solution for different industries.

Features of Help Desk System by Rishabh Software

The primary purpose of a SharePoint help desk ticket system is to provide consistent, on-demand customer service. Below are some of the considerations for your reference while opting for a help desk solution:

  1. How many employees/agents will use the system?
  2. Do you want a self-service solution?
  3. Which types of channels do you want to integrate? (Email, chat, social media, and more)
  4. Which tasks do you wish to automate? (Notifications, reporting, and more)
  5. What is your budget and timeline to build the help desk system?

Our SharePoint development team builds feature-rich help desk & SharePoint based ticketing system. They help streamline the ticket management process.